Additional Periodontal Procedures

Same Day Tooth Implant:

Same-day or next day implant tooth replacement offers a quick solution for individuals with broken or missing teeth. Instead of waiting weeks or months for a dental implant procedure to be completed, eligible and qualified patients can have their broken tooth replaced with a new implant and temporary crown in just one or two appointments. Dr. Mina and the team will make a thorough diagnosis and investigation using the latest digital dentistry technologies available.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

All-on-X hybrid solutions offer a revolutionary approach to full-arch teeth replacement. Leveraging the strength of a few strategically placed dental implants, we provide a secure and natural-looking prosthetic that restores both function and aesthetics. Say goodbye to removable dentures and enjoy the comfort and confidence that comes with a permanent solution. As experts in this field, we’re here to guide you on the path to a radiant and functional smile with All-on-X.

Gummy Smile:

Excessive gingival display, often known as a “gummy smile,” can sometimes impact your confidence when you smile. As periodontists, we specialize in diagnosing the root causes, whether it’s related to the lip, gums, teeth, or skeletal structure. Our expertise allows us to offer tailored treatments, from precise gum reshaping to orthodontic solutions, ensuring your smile is both healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Trust us to transform your smile and boost your confidence.

Laser Treatment of Periodontitis:

Laser therapy for periodontitis represents a cutting-edge approach to combating gum disease. Utilizing advanced laser technology, this treatment targets and eliminates harmful bacteria and diseased tissue, promoting gum health without the need for invasive surgery. This procedure is particularly effective in managing periodontal pockets and halting the progression of gum disease, ensuring your gums remain healthy and strong.

Soft Tissue Grafting for Recession:

Soft tissue grafting effectively addresses gum recession, a common issue where the gum line recedes, exposing more of the tooth or its root. By transplanting healthy gum tissue to the affected area, this procedure covers exposed roots, reduces further recession, and improves aesthetics. It’s a vital step in maintaining your oral health and ensuring the longevity of your teeth.

Flap Procedure for Bone Loss Prevention:

The flap procedure is a surgical approach to prevent bone loss and subsequent tooth loss, crucial given that a significant percentage of individuals in the US suffer from gum disease. By lifting the gums, cleaning the roots, and reshaping the bone if necessary, this treatment reduces pocket depth and enhances gum health, significantly decreasing the risk of tooth loss.

Bone Regeneration Around Teeth with Bone Loss:

This procedure focuses on regenerating bone around teeth affected by bone loss, a common consequence of advanced periodontal disease. Using various regenerative materials, this technique stimulates the natural growth of bone around the teeth, thereby stabilizing them and improving overall oral health.

Sinus Lift:

A sinus lift is a procedure aimed at adding bone to the upper jaw in the area of molars and premolars, particularly when the sinus wall is too thin to support a dental implant. This surgery involves lifting the sinus membrane and placing bone graft material, thus providing a sturdy foundation for future implants.

Ridge Augmentation for Severe Bone Defects:

Ridge augmentation is essential for restoring severe bone defects in the jaw, often a result of tooth loss or periodontal disease. This procedure rebuilds the natural contour of the jaws and gums, making it possible to place dental implants and improving overall facial aesthetics.


Frenectomy addresses issues caused by a tight or short frenum (the connective tissue found in the mouth). This simple surgical procedure involves the removal or modification of the frenum to enhance movement and resolve issues like speech impediments or gum recession.

Impacted Tooth Exposure:

Impacted tooth exposure is a procedure to aid in the eruption of a tooth that has not emerged naturally, commonly seen with wisdom teeth or canines. By surgically removing gum and bone tissue covering the tooth, this treatment helps in guiding the tooth into its proper position in the mouth.


A gingivectomy is performed to remove excess gum tissue that may be overgrown on the teeth. This procedure reshapes the gums to a more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance, often improving the effectiveness of oral hygiene practices.